self-contained 自给自足的
furious very angry
hold good 仍然适用(有效)
let it all hang out (俚)无拘无束
run riot 撒野,闹事
with one accord 一致地
an/one's Achilles's heel 致命弱点
sleep the sleep of the just 问心无愧
like grim death 坚定的;不懈的
at/behind the wheel (of sth.) 驾驶;控制
pay court to sb. 讨好;献殷勤
a flash in the pan 昙花一现
milk/suck sb./sth. dry 榨取
have/keep sb. on a string 操纵支配
fall between two stools 两头落空
dust sth. off 开始复习某事
all at once 突然
all of a sudden 突然;出乎意料地
as a whole 普遍说来
as regards 至于
as yet 到现在为止
at anyrate 不论如何
as to 至于,关于
at a distance 不近
at best 充其量
at large 充分透彻
at hand 将来
at length 终于
at once time 一度;以前
by nature 生性
cut in 插话
drop across 偶然遇上
eat away 侵蚀
fall through 化为泡影
for good 永远的
for my part 就我来说
get lost 滚开
go without saying 不用说
have on 看穿
in time 迟早,最后
high and low 到处
in no case 无论如何都不
in that case 加入是那样的话
keep an eye on 注意
let down 使失望